K-MONT Manual Meat Tenderizer – Fast Cutlet Maker V2

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  • Device is new, straight from the manufacturer. Produced in Poland
  • Made of aluminum and stainless steel
  • Great for restaurants, bars, shops, canteens and kitchen
  • Based on the swinging action it does not tire our hands even during long work
  • The same in use for both men and women
  • Proven in demanding large production
  • Before it goes on sale it is thoroughly checked
  • Comfortable and quiet work
  • It does not require fixing to the countertop
  • Light and mobile

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Manual Meat Tenderizer | Modern Meat Press - Fast Cutlet Maker V2 K-MONT

Making 1 cutlet takes only 5 seconds

Without too much work, unnecessary noise, and energy

Device description and it's destiny

This meat tenderizer - Fast Cutlet Maker V2 is a new kitchen appliance on the market replacing an ordinary meat mallet. It's intended for breaking meat lobes into pork chops, poultry chops and beef chops.

Thanks to it, we will also prepare various types of culinary dishes such as rolls, schnitzels, roulades, etc. The action is very easy and and does not make much of a problem. It consists in opening and closing the meat press by making a swinging motion which causes that the meat after crushing, retains its taste values, comes out thoroughly broken, not torn and has a shortened time of further thermal treatment. If we want to get the cutlet even thinner then we just crush it a couple of times until we get the size and thickness we are satisfied with.

The great advantage of our meat tenderizer/cuber is its quiet operation and little use of force. We all know how irritating, loud and over time also tiring ordinary meat mallets can be. Especially in mass production where occurs daily activity of smashing cutlets. Here these problems do not exist. The Fast Cutlet Maker is free-standing so we do not have to attach it to the countertop everytime. Moreover it is non-electrical equipment what makes it failure-free during long-term work and is not addicted to the place where a free socket is located. It is very light (only 2.4 kg [5.3 lbs]), occupies very little space and is mobile. It is enough to put a safety spring on the guides, grab one or both handles at once and we can move it wherever we want and after finishing work hide in a convenient place. In addition, after some time of using our meat press and getting acquainted with it we will be able to make one chop in less than 2 seconds! It's a huge saving of time and energy. The handles of the device are ergonomic and do not slip in the hands. It is easy to wash.

Thickness of the meat which it can smash is up to 2 cm (0.8"). Meat cuted into a specific weight (e.g. 100 g [0.22 lb]) will also be crushed without any obstacles.

The whole is made of aluminum intended for contact with food and stainless steel.

Our meat tenderizer and cuber is very popular among cooks of which we are very happy with. This is equipment that will serve you for many years.

Guarantee of the highest quality! All parts that make up the Fast Cutlet Maker are produced in Poland.

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Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 32 × 21.5 × 13 cm
Work surface

20,5 x 16,5 cm (8" x 6,5")


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12 months